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Your one stop shop for SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online term set management and migrations. Runs on any computer (client or server) with .NET 4.0 or later. Connects remotely to SharePoint using Client Object Model.

Features exporting termsets into Text and Excel file formats optimized for future importing or Database/Excel usage. Also Importing termsets supporting labels/synonyms, descriptions, preserving term IDs, term reuse, nested terms (hierarchy). You can import from flat file (TEXT and EXCEL) and also from Microsoft SQL Server. Also supports Updating terms in termsets, updating term names, description, and syncing labels (both Add and Delete), and deleting individual terms. And also a utility for clearing termsets (deleting all terms in a termset). Navigate your Taxonomy to find the termset or enter the term store, term group, and term set names/IDs yourself to save time. Remembers current settings and connection information, saving it in registry.

Source code moved to Github:

Created using SharePoint Client Object Model .NET DLLs, Visual Studio 2013, and C#. A Win Forms application using .NET 4.0.

For SharePoint 2010 version go get SPMMDNavigator.

NOTE: SPTaxonomyToolsOnline is only meant to operate on a single termset at a time. It doesn't currently support operations spanning multiple termsets, term groups, or an entire term store.

SQL Server Importing is supported too, but you can only import flat termsets (1 level of terms in a termset, no heirarchies, aka terms in terms). To use this, enter a connection string to your MS SQL Server and database, then enter a SELECT statement which should return rows with a minimum of 1 column (the term name), and then each row can contain 0 or more extra columns for term labels (synonyms).

  • select mytermname from tablewithterms
  • select mytermname, mytermlabel1 from tablewithterms
  • select mytermname, mytermlabel1, mytermlabel2 from tablewithterms


Connection page, connect to Onpremise or Online.
SNAG-10-26-2015 1.54.00 AM.png

MMD browser for selecting/entering Termset information.
SNAG-10-26-2015 1.54.19 AM.png

Export termset actions, supports exporting to flat file (TEXT and EXCEL).
SNAG-10-26-2015 1.54.29 AM.png

Import termset actions, simple and advanced importing supported, SQL Server importing too.
SNAG-10-26-2015 1.54.40 AM.png

Clear termset action, not for deprecating, its a hard delete!
SNAG-10-26-2015 1.54.49 AM.png

Update terms action, for updating and deleting terms in a termset, not for adding new terms.
SNAG-10-26-2015 1.55.01 AM.png

Brought to you by the creator of SPCAMLQueryHelper. I hope you enjoy this program and find it as useful as I do!

A product by Ben Steinhauser, brought to you by B&R Business Solutions,

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