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Error on Unique Identifiers if duplicate items in different branches


When I exported a term set that had duplicate terms in sibling branches, the IDs were transposed so that all duplicate items ended up with the same Unique Identifier. This caused errors and issues when trying to import back into another environment. I had to manually update the Unique Identifiers before I could import the exported file to a new SP environment.

Example Below

"Field" in Location One and Field in Location Two, have the same ID but in the source they do not. Same issue in Location Two for each phase, there is a "Process Deoiling" and in the source they each have a unique ID but the output has the same ID for each one.
ec2798da-b14f-4bae-ac78-2e6ccbc911c0|Location Two
ec2798da-b14f-4bae-ac78-2e6ccbc911c0|Location Two;e2194f0f-6945-4beb-8590-857a2e7f3869|Phase AB
ec2798da-b14f-4bae-ac78-2e6ccbc911c0|Location Two;e2194f0f-6945-4beb-8590-857a2e7f3869|Phase AB;f3f5a80b-234e-4985-919f-4302732d394e|Process Deoiling
ec2798da-b14f-4bae-ac78-2e6ccbc911c0|Location Two;d38d8d95-00c4-4133-b963-c4a8cad3d97d|Phase CDE
ec2798da-b14f-4bae-ac78-2e6ccbc911c0|Location Two;d38d8d95-00c4-4133-b963-c4a8cad3d97d|Phase CDE;f3f5a80b-234e-4985-919f-4302732d394e|Process Deoiling
ec2798da-b14f-4bae-ac78-2e6ccbc911c0|Location Two;afe4ac2c-17e6-47a9-bd29-aeafacaeeb01|Phase FGH
ec2798da-b14f-4bae-ac78-2e6ccbc911c0|Location Two;afe4ac2c-17e6-47a9-bd29-aeafacaeeb01|Phase FGH;f3f5a80b-234e-4985-919f-4302732d394e|Process Deoiling
ec2798da-b14f-4bae-ac78-2e6ccbc911c0|Location Two;8bc5f0ab-4fad-41f4-8852-49a400bea671|Field
b3e78647-4bdd-4080-8127-fc3bb25450b7|Location One
b3e78647-4bdd-4080-8127-fc3bb25450b7|Location One;8bc5f0ab-4fad-41f4-8852-49a400bea671|Field