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Error extracting data from Excel file


Wondering if anyone has experienced this or has any input on resolve or the cause of the problem.

Using SP online.

Have an existing term store.
Did a simple export to Excel,
Made a very small modification to a name of a term to act as a test for update.
Used the "Update Terms" function to then pull that xlsx file back into sharepoint and get the following error very quickly which talks about a "given key not being present", however does not indicate which key or anything further about the issue.

9:41:04 PM: ---------------------------------------------
9:41:04 PM: ERROR extracting data from Excel file: System.Collections.Generic.KeyNotFoundException: The given key was not present in the dictionary.
at OfficeOpenXml.ExcelWorksheets.get_Item(Int32 PositionID)
at BandR.ImportFileHelper.GetUpdateSimpleDataFromExcelFile(String inputFile, List`1& lstObjs, String& msg)
9:41:04 PM: Log saved to EXE folder.